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Angry Frankenstein

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The most terrific scary creature is alive again!

Why does Franky look so angry? He’s not very talkative, but you can normally choose among four possibilities: it’s a kind of training for Halloween, he doesn’t like his look, he’s jealous of Dracula’s success or simply he doesn’t fell very alive today!

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2 Forum messages

  • Angry Frankenstein 30 October 2012, by Helena

    I like these designs, but there are no more new ones?

    • Angry Frankenstein 30 October 2012, by zooco

      There are several new designs coming soon. We had a gap, a big to do list because of the launching of the new site. You can always go to Create your Own product and browse designs that are not necessarily published in the main site. Or go to our external shops (Zoo&co’s Shops).

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