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Colombia’s Bicentenary

July 2010

In order to celebrate the Bicentenary of Colombian Independence, Zoo&co was contacted by the Asociación Colombia Vive in Lausanne, Switzerland to create a special poster and a T-Shirt design to promote Colombia National Day.

And so we did! Both designs are based on a Colombian Chiva. A typical countryside means of transport, which represents all the colorful and joyful diversity of everyday Colombian life.

Here, you can find the Colombia Chiva Bicentenario in four versions. Congratulations Colombia! The richness and kindness of your people deserve a life of prosperity and peace!

This design will be printed with the Digital Direct Method.

New designs and subjects will follow soon. Don’t miss them!

You are only a step away from Customizing your Tees and enjoying this design in honor to Colombia’s Bicentenary!

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