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Useful Informations

Here, you find additional information in order to spell out important aspects of our website and its functioning to help you understand and use the best way our Drawing Lounge.

  • All products

    In our Drawing Lounge you will find a wide range of high quality products and accessories. From T-shirts, jackets, skirts, sweatshirts and caps to aprons, bags, mugs (...)

  • Contact

    Hey !!! As you know, we are just devoted to drawing, so we have asked a company called Spreadshirt to give us a hand with the printing and shipping of our designs, (...)

  • Personalize your products

    Select Tee size and Add to basket Just click on Create your Own Product section or click any Design by going to the Home page or to the ALL DESIGNS page. It’s really very easy, no mysteries, thanks to (...)

  • Safety and Privacy

    Check the presence of the https protocole in Zoo&co's Shops All your private information is safe with us. You can buy confidently at any moment. Our partner Spreadshirt sends all your personal data via a Secure SSL-channel (...)

  • Discounts

    The following discounts are calculated according to the quantity and by order: Europe Shop Orders above 150 €, discount is 5% Orders above 500 €, discount is 7.5% (...)

  • Printing

    Plot Printing: Flex and Flock Plot printing is an extremely durable and fade-resistant t-shirt print. A vector graphic serves as the master copy, which can have up (...)

  • Frecuently Asked Questions

    Here, you will probably find the answers to whatever you want to know about Zoo&co and even, if you are lucky enough, to transcendental questions concerning the (...)

  • Shipping

    You might be wondering what the shipping costs of your personalized T-shirt, mug or bag would be. Well, it all depends on the quantity of items, the destination and (...)

  • Promote us

    To promote our Drawing Lounge, just choose your favorite image and copy-paste the code you see on your blog or website. Thanks for spreading the word! (...)

  • About Zoo&co

    What is Zoo&co about? Well, Zoo&co is a young company that promotes the creations of Ronald Reichmann with the help of a small team of artists and (...)


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