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Athletic Donkey Jumping over Hurdles

Donkeys are good at athletic sports too, not just at working hard!

Who could imagine than a donkey could be good at running and jumping hurdles?
Poor donkeys, normally underestimated, have not always had the best reputation! They are mainly known for not being very talented, for being just good at working hard, at tasks that don’t require a high grade of dexterity.
Well, as for every creature on Earth, it just depends on the variety of opportunities they have at their disposal.
Donkeys can use their apparent stubbornness and well know resilience to accomplish high goals in a wide range of activities.
One of them is athletics, with a high training and motivation, they can be among the best, specially when it comes to run and jump a series of obstacles. All our best wishes to help this cool donkey win a bunch of medals!

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