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Brave Puma Smashing a Tennis Ball

This puma will make the courts roar!

There are unforgettable moments in a tennis match, in one of them, you would like to unleash all your fury and smash, with all your power, the ball, that ball that will make you win the match.

Suddenly, you feel the puma inside you, you feel those feline reflexes coming out of your own skin.

In a very short moment, the approaching ball seems to slow down, you feel that you have an eternity to connect your power with the racket and smash the ball. Accuracy and power are all for you, better than in your most cherished dreams...

Nobody, apart yourself, saw the ball! It just kissed the court at the most unattended corner and went away as fast as an lightning bolt...

A deafening silence confirms that you have just won the medal gold. You feel the tears in your face but you don’t realize what you have accomplished.

Enjoy, congratulations champion!

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