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How a Bulldog Becomes a Football Top Scorer

The way a bulldog kicks a foot ball

The key to effectively kick a foot ball seems to be more in a series of tips than in your strength or ability to do it. Of course you have to practice, to technically know how to do it, but you certainly will make a difference if you put in practice some simple steps. Step on the soccer ball to show who the boos is, stare at the goal (better if you look at the opposite direction, not at the real target). When you have the foot ball in front of you, don’t forget to intimidate your rivals with your own presence, inflate your chest, broaden your shoulders, raise your head and throw this terrifying look that will block any attempt of your rivals to stop the foot ball you are about to kick. Even if physical strength is important, in key moments all is much more about mental toughness and concentration! What are you waiting to be the top scorer?

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