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Capybara Playing Table Tennis

Plump capybaras are excellent at playing table tennis

Don’t let appearances confuse you!
Despite the fact, that at first sight, nobody will bet for it, this capybara has demonstrated how to keep courageous and combative at any circumstances.
This combativeness, joined to its natural talent gives it a big chance to win the medal gold in almost any table tennis competition.
It seems that a part of the secret resides in the distribution of its corporal mass.
This fluffy and anti-athletic body has the fat exactly where it needs it to be, this capybara’s particular accumulation of adipose tissue gives it a perfect balance, which is key, when it comes to react to the rapid moves of this sport.
In addition, its plump body has a higher capacity of rebound and an impressive elasticity.
You are warned now! Don’t be surprised if this American-native animal win the next table tennis gold medal!

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