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Have an Armadillo as a Football Mascot

Go for a walk with your (printed) armadillo - Help save armadillos!

In the middle of the excitation around the biggest football event of the world in Brazil, a prominent issue has emerged, concerning the survival of armadillos.
The armadillo is a nice and curious animal that is able to form a perfect ball with its hard shell. Creating an armadillo playing football does not look like a bad idea, when it comes to raise awareness, to make people know and help save them!
Armadillos in Brazil and South America are not really fighting to win a World Cup, not trying win matches, not even trying to score a lot of goals.
The big threat for real armadillos is not linked to the pros and cons of being famous neither, the main threatening factors for them are hunting and habitat destruction.
We want to join the fight against extinction of the armadillo and other species by creating our own version, a cartoon version but looking more like a real armadillo, with the goal to help spread their image and the general interest in their survival.
Join us, act now, spread the word, help armadillos quit the red list of endangered species!

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