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Look at this Iguana Playing Football

Even iguanas want to have fun playing football

Who could imagine that iguanas could leave behind their legendary drowsiness? As with many of the problems of the world, football seems to be the magic pill that makes everyone forget all the problems, go crazy and think, feel and behave in completely unexpected ways, at least during the magic moment.
Just put a ball in front of your favorite iguana and you will be an exceptional witness of its amazing transformation. Iguanas go crazy, become incredibly awake, dynamic, enthusiastic, energetic and are able to perform awesome stunts with the ball, in perfect interaction with their own bodies. They even spare no effort to demonstrate their passion and show their talent with the foot ball.
But, just wait a moment, you have not seen anything yet, this iguana is just posing and keeping balance while holding the ball, just heating up before launching the great show!

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