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Learn to Trap a Foot Ball with your Chest

Just follow this talented monkey's technique

The world woke up with a surprising and disturbing feeling. The football is missing more than ever the "jogo bonito", the richness, the boldness, the magic and the passion of the old talented football players, who did not hesitate to make pleasure to fans, to have fun, to execute stunning moves before thinking of the result of a match!
What wonderful times, not necessarily to far away in time, where who played really beautiful football were the same that won the world cups!
This is an urgent call to coaches and players to not forget the pleasure of the game, to leave behind the pressure of the immediate results and to be even able to monkey around a bit with a goal in mind: to save the spirit of the fair competition where everyone is able to show the best of his talent to the world, to make spectators, around the globe, fall in true love with the king of sports again. Long live beautiful football well played!
Trap the foot ball with your chest, as this monkey does, and give free rein to your talent and your passion! Show the world what you think the football has to be!

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