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Lemur Performing on a Pommel Horse

Cool lemurs are perfect for this pommel gymnastics!

Gymnastics sports and lemurs don’t stop to surprise us!

When we look carefully at the bunch of talents that a gymnast has to exhibit to produce a so beautiful spectacle, we don’t have other option than feel grateful and applause.

Pommel horse is not the exception to this. A well trained lemur becomes a extraordinary performer when executing a standard pommel horse routine which involves both, single leg and double leg work. But, what about tail work?

The gymnast, in this case this talented lemur, swings both legs in a circular motion while keeping balance with its amazing long tail and performs on all parts of the apparatus.

Considering that pommel horse is one of the more difficult events, we have no doubt that its slender body, its great attitude and mainly its long tail play a prominent role providing supplementary balance, agility and performance!

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