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Be a Lion Playing Football

How to be as brave as a lion when kicking a foot ball

How a lion can be so good at playing football? At kicking a foot ball? Why a lot of teams proudly show a lion in their uniforms? Well, it can be a hard and long process, we will try to give some light on this, here some keywords: passion, hunger, bravery, power, fear, intimidation, competition, predator, physical strength, mental toughness!...
The real power of a team of lions when playing football, consist not only on being really good, on proudly showing a wide variety of different talents, but mainly on making believe and believe they really are the best. All of this based, most of times, on a real very well built tradition of historic successes.
This is why football teams have to beat not only the lions in front of them but what they represent too. To win the game, to become a lion, you must be fully concentrated and convinced of your own strengths, play with hope, positive thinking, and mental toughness. Overcome the initial intimidation and convert your hope in true feline goals!

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