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Look at this Macaw Playing Colorful Football

Football is a happy, bright and colorful!

This colorful macaw really seems to have fun and be ready to fly when playing with the foot ball. Some teams play well and win, some others don’t play in a catching-eye way and obtain good results and others play, not only well, but in a colorful and delightful way, full of technique, speed, boldness and amazing moves, but they don’t necessarily win always.
When football becomes more and more a business with a lot of interests and power in action, teams just try to obtain victories at any price, even playing a very poor football and offering a boring spectacle. Football can become too defensive and even violent when players try to stop their rivals to prevent being defeated.
We really love teams that, in spite of the pressure of the results, make an effort to obtain results in a daring, breathtaking and colorful way. Next time that you will be kicking a foot ball, let you get taken by passion, don’t forget the image of this macaw, have fun playing beautifully and pay tribute to the beautiful game!

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