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A Rhino is the New Star of the Football Cup

A true talented and solid football star

Why some legendary teams are always up? Why do we always have them in mind when trying to see who will be the next world champion? When we try to give some clues, there are some words that rapidly jump out: tradition, mental toughness, fighting spirit and organization at all levels, leveraged by an increasing dose of technology.
Yes, technology! The top teams are using technology to measure, analyze, adapt and tweak each movement of the player and the team with surprising results.
More and more cameras, video and computers and global positioning systems automatically calculate the position of the players and follow their movements. These high amount of data is used in exploration and development of new players and new team practices that result in significant competitive advantages. So, do not be surprised the next time that you see a team that play even better than the last time you saw it winning the championship.
From our point of view this rhino represents the perfect solid player with good natural capabilities for playing football, but who is always trying to go further and take advantage of advanced technology to play at the top, to be able to do breathtaking moves, even for himself, with the foot ball.

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