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Sloths Have Fun Playing Football

Learn how to master sloth football style (slow foot)

Who could believe this? Sloths not only love football, but they have demonstrated being very good at! The slow foot has nothing to do with the sofa football, played by certain people who just push the buttons of the remote control while are comfortably seated watching the matches...
They are able to leave behind their legendary slowness to become really agile, dynamic and full of energy when needed. They can even take advantage of their particular anatomy to make breathtaking moves that drive crazy any defender and use their slowness when necessary to destabilize any rival team strategy.
They are true masters in managing time and movements when alternating slowness and explosive moves and have even make a proposal to promote slow football around the world and adhere to other slow movements concerning food and life in general!
We really welcome this kind of proposals, and more, when sometimes we feel that football does not evolve too much and that defensive strategies are increasingly attacking the spectacle and the passion for the king of sports! Our best wishes to sloth foot or slow foot!

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