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Be a Terrific Football Striker like the Tiger

Sharpen your claws to beat all your rivals

When talking about football and good players it’s almost impossible not to notice that the word tiger appears once and again in the different conversations!

In fact, it seems to be the perfect word to talk about football players who always fight for every ball at every move, never give up, put their predatory nose for goal at the service of their teams and make their best effort to score a lot of goals and win all the matches!

A player can pretend to be a tiger when his explosive change of pace, breathtaking dribbling and unerring eye for goal, pose a continual threat to rival teams. Sometimes, a tiger can even disappear from some matches, but the worse mistake would be to forget it, because when you think the less, it takes the tiniest opportunity to suddenly appear like an authentic predator and score fantastic, unexpected and crucial goals that make tremble even the bravest of the goalkeepers.

Of course, in the wild, when you are are a predator, you can also suffer attacks that try to put you off of the game and make you miss important football events... Don’t worry, a true tiger always come back even more dangerous and ready to demonstrate all his powerfulness in the blink of an eye! We are anxiously waiting for the fantastic coming back of the Tiger!

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