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Christmas Gift from Halloween Cuties to Santa

An odd Xmas present to give Santa Claus a fright

Halloween creatures are not very happy with having so little prominence (of course), Santa being the only super star and being beloved by everyone! They decided to retrieve some balance and take action on this matter!

Have you ever heard that someone offered a Xmas gift to Santa Claus? Not really, everybody is always expecting to have a gift from Santa but never planning to give a gift to Santa, so Halloween creepies decided to give Santa a "wonderful Christmas gift".

Just, the gift had purposely a very punchy Halloween touch that ended by make Santa Claus feel fully scared to the point of having a real shock.

It was carefully wrapped in a scary purple paper and decorated with an odd orange bow, it had a lot of Halloween creepy creatures such as ghosts, bones and mad monsters coming out of the terrifying gift box ready to give a real fright to Xmas characters.

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