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Germany Wins its Fourth World Cup

German football fans celebrate full of joy

In the blink of an eye, when everyone was expecting the boring penalties, a talented footballer transformed the final match, rather tedious and long, in a German festival, thanks to an impressive shot that went directly to the goal of the incredulous Argentinian goalkeeper. This young player scored the goal that gave Germany their fourth world soccer championship, beating Messi’s Argentina and making sure of having a privileged place in the history of modern football.
In the end, although it was not easy at all, against a very combative and talented, but tired Argentina, Germany found the pinch of magic that allowed its fans, around the world, to stop biting nails, give free rein to the celebration and explode in a single expression of joy!
Germany was undoubtedly the most competitive team and was even able to beat, by a big difference, the host and favorite to win the cup, Brazil.
In honor to Germany, to his great football team, full of talent, efficiency, mental strength, fighting spirit and passion for football, Congratulations!

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