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Male voodoo doll running from a female in love

Rather running away than be engaged in a so horrific relationship!

What if the ugliest female voodoo doll in the world is madly in love with you? How to avoid to fall under this terrific curse?

What if, in addition, you just feel terrified, don’t know what to do and are not even able to react?

Have you ever been in a so horrific situation? How to say no to someone who looks like you but is not sexy and not beautiful at all? How to counter the evil spell that is about to attack you?

This seems to be the worst nightmare that you can face in your entire life! Don’t hesitate, just, run, run for your life, run away as far as you can!

And above all, don’t look back, don’t even think to come back. Just try to restart your life from scratch. If one day, love knocks again, keep cautious, check twice and make sure that this time it is safe to open the door!

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