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Scary Halloween Frankenstein

Frankenstein is extremely angry, just run for your lives!

Frankenstein is turning really, really angry, it is because Halloween is approaching and it makes him feel nervous, it is not time to try to help him, the only way to really help someone is just to run for your own lives!
When something is not running well for him, there is nothing you can do, he does not understand anything, he does not even hear anything different than his own perturbed head, just flee as soon as possible, hide anywhere and try not to make him notice you exist!
Unexpectedly, he will go to sleep and forget everything. Once he wakes up, you will be able to control the situation and even be able to take him to the Halloween party, as if nothing had happened.
It’s just a typical tantrum from someone who has had a hard life and does not know very well what his role is in this life!

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