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Scary Halloween Mummy

The eerie experience of coming to life after mummification

Surely, many of the ancient mummies from different cultures, have been acceptably well preserved, some seem even eerily alive and others really come to life with the arrival of Halloween.
Anyway, some of you the mummies that have the chance to return to life, can not avoid to feel angry at the world.
Of course, if you look closely, it is not at all easy to remain so long in uncomfortable and rigid positions, wrapped completely in dirty bandages, in narrow confined spaces with no air and no light and at the mercy of grave robbers.
But the worst part of it is to realize, upon returning to life, that some parts of their bodies stink, are completely useless or have disappeared due to a defective process of mummification, or to the action of robbers, in a long and complex process of preservation that leaves much to be desired. So, how not to feel so angry at the world?

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