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Terrifying Halloween Scarecrow

Or how a beautiful pumpkin become a scary monster!

And suddenly, the pitiful scarecrow, created to scare away all kinds of birds, especially crows and protect crops of corn, dressed in rags and hanging languidly from a fragile structure of wooden sticks as carrying a sentence, launches a terrifying scream which makes it to come to life spitting thousand fires, as an exhalation coming from the hereafter.
He soon leaves its pedestal and unleash all the full fury inside him after suffering the worst of humiliations, this one of being a miserable scarecrow.
The world turns pale at his feet, the creatures that miraculously still keep up, flee in terror, leaving behind them the crows and other creatures who had the misfortune to assist to the macabre spectacle and now lie fulminated over the ears of charred corn.

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