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2010 Christmas Collection

November 2010

2010 Christmas Collection by Zoo&co Well, here it is! Our 2010 Christmas Collection, full of humor and best wishes for all of you. For this year, we decided, without forgetting the sweet side of Christmas, to explore different aspects of this magic and wonderful season. All of this from a very creative point of view, full of imagination, with a goal in mind: to make laugh and to make think at the same time!

Wearing Christmas Hats

Christmas Zebra To start, we simply take some of our most popular characters and make them wear Christmas clothes or the famous Christmas red hat: here, we have the Zebra, the Cow, our dear Bunny, our hyperactive Frog, our Little Chicken and our shy Mouse. But, were you really able to imagine the bloodthirsty Tyrannosaurus Rex wearing the Christmas hat and dancing to the rhythm of the Christmas music?

Dangerous Meetings

Santa Claus Meets a Rhino Could you imagine what would happen when Santa Claus arrives to the African savanna and meet face to face a very wild and inpatient Rhinoceros?

What about Santa Claus meeting a very Furious Bull which is in addition very sensitive to bright red clothes?

The Meaning of Christmas

Christmas Turkey Running Away Have you ever take a moment to think about the meaning of Christmas for Tasteful Turkeys?

Extreme Santa Claus

Santa Claus Goes Snowboarding Finally, we have the proof that not everything in Santa Claus’ life is hard work. Here we have him practicing some acrobatic and full of adrenaline Winter Sports.

Christmas Products

You’ll find these designs on T-Shirts, Keds, iPad and iPhone Cases, Graphic Walls and on a wide range of different products directly in our boutique or in our satellite shops as Zazzle, Redbubble and LTLprints.

Browse Christmas Designs

We feel proud to present our 2010 Christmas Collection

We hope you have found the Christmas design that fits you, if it is not the case, you can always Create your own T-Shirt with our Designer! We wish you lots of fun!

We’ll keep working to bring you our 2011 funny designs. They will be full of love and spice too!

See you soon, bye!

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