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Cute Animals for Valentine’s Day

February 2015

Creat one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gifts!

What about offering cute and eccentric animal characters, full of passion and romanticism, with a high dose of awesomeness, some drops of sweetness and optimism and fully wrapped in tons of red hearts and love?

Browse cute animals in love and create your one-of-a-kind gift for Valentine’s Day

Choose among 12 different awesome characters and show how much in love you are, here some of them:

  • Odd Panda Bear Feeling Madly in Love
  • Funny Monkey Feeling Head over Heels in Love
  • Cool Mouse Falling Inexorably in Love
  • Cute Cow Falling Madly in Love
  • Brave Lion Feeling Wildy in Love
  • Funny Dog Feeling Crazy in Love
  • Crazy Cat Head over Heels in Love
  • Yellow Bunny Falling Dangerously in Love
  • Green Frog Feeling Madly in Love
  • Purple Bat Feeling Irremediably in Love


Browse all Valentine’s Day designs

Do you want to download the Images files to create your own gifts with your own hands?

illustratoons Or just download one of the cute animals to use it in your own blogs, websites or emails?

Download Valentine’s Day Images

Save up 70% when downloading the full collection!

The animal kingdom is madly in love!
Cute animals in love collection. Cool collection featuring cute little animals when smiling enthusiastically, making funny eyes, sticking their tongues out, being surrounded by red hearts and falling head over heels in love.

Download Cute Animals in Love Collection

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