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Digital Direct Printing

November 2009

Digital Direct Printing Designs Well, here we are with news from our Zoo world. We have recently implemented a new printing method in our shop known as Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) or Digital Direct Printing, which allows us to print our designs directly on the T-Shirt. Yes, on the T-Shirt. Actually, this method uses a Bubble Inkjet Printer with special inks to print right on the fabric. If it’s a dark color fabric, the printer first adds a special white layer so that every color can be rendered properly.

Each color is properly brought out on any background color, even white. As designs are not printed on a foil, undesirable transparent layers can be avoided.

This method offers a very accurate print, widens the range of colors to be used and gives a very homogeneous result. T-Shirts that have been printed with DTG have a very smooth look and feel.

Although colors can slightly soften during the first wash, rigorous tests have shown that this is a high quality, long lasting printing method. For the moment, the apparel available for this method is not as large as for the flock and flex methods.

Direct to garment printing has become popular because it is almost 100% eco-friendly.

See all the designs available to be printed with this digital method

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