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Preparing Zoo&co’s Launching

June 2009

Zoo&co, optimistic drawings for optimistic people!

Customizable drawings. Printable on T-shirts and any other supports !

This amusing Evolution Scheme represents, somehow, the origin and development of our drawing lounge, which not only started from a chaotic brain storm, but also from one and only passion : Drawing and character creation.

Everything started long ago when we were in an embryonic state. We created characters, greeting cards and tee-shirts just for the fun of it. Little by little and encouraged by our family’s and friend’s enthusiasm, we decided to take this activity more “seriously”. To share it with more people, to communicate a message through our designs and give our characters a means of expression.

In the course of time, our ideas and projects took shape. They became stronger and more latent. Our drawings and philosophy, transformed. Behind every project and customized tee there is a slight critic, a call to action, an invitation to protect our nature or just a reason to make you smile!

Our objective is to show how paradoxical, curious and funny our Zoociety can be. We wanted to tackle subjects like ecology, morals, the financial crisis, politics, personal relations and why not? to give human qualities to our extraordinarily sweet friends from the Animal Kingdom! At the end, they’re not so different from us! Even if we turn a blind eye to them, we know that we depend one from each other.

Zoo&co is close to its final transformation. It is almost ready to see day light! Now, it is only a matter of months for our friends to open their eyes and wake up. We have many plans for them and although they won’t be the only guests of our Zoo World (some monsters, heroes and other one-of-a-kind characters will be keeping them company), we will always try to pass on a message and light your day up with humor, joy and well being. Zoo&co is the place with optimistic ideas for optimistic people!

Share our birth with us and assist to our final transformation. Soon we will be adding Art Toys, Paper Toys and enlarging our offer on the Web! We hope to see you soon!

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