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Zazzle launches a new brand of printing on demand shoes!

November 2017

Put on your Zazzle’s shoes again!

Zoo&co's designs printed on Zazzle's shoes

ZIPZ shoes at Zazzle marketplace

Zoo&co's designs printed on ZIPZ high-top sneakersAfter having no news (for longtime) concerning what really happened to Zazzle’s awesome sneakers and why they disappeared off the radar.

Suddenly, when we were giving up about having sneakers again, we noticed that the company had launched an all new brand of custom sneakers!

Thanks God for allowing Zazzle’s team to propose sneakers again. They are true out of the box printing on demand products.

Zoo&co's designs printed on ZIPZ low-top sneakersThese sneakers have been in Zazzle’s marketplace for some months and come in three different types, high-top, low-top and slip-on, all of them with their respective sizes for men, women and kids.

The best news is that the upper part can be interchanged to match any mood or occasion and gives an unmissable chance for self-expression.

The upper canvas part, where designs are printed, is fully interchangeable and can be zipped to any rubber sole provided by this brand (same size of course).

Zoo&co's designs printed on ZIPZ slip-on sneakersThe top cover can be zipped on and off, styles can be easily switched on the go. Rubber soles are produced with extra cushioned insoles and a special design for arch support to give your feet a comfortable and healthy fit.

ZIPZ shoes are unisex and come in wide range of sizes, suitable for kids, women and men.

Who produces these shoes?

Delta Custom is a family owned and operated direct-to-garment (DTG) printing company located in Orange, California.

They are the exclusive printer for all customizable Zipz shoes and they are passionate for bringing customer’s designs to life on hightop, lowtop and slipon style shoes.

Their products are one of a kind - no one else offers a customized printed canvas shoe top that "zipz" on and off a pair of soles and can be interchanged with any style and design.

With Direct To Garment printers, they are able to print shoes within 3 days of receiving the order, no matter if it is one shoe or one hundred.

Enjoy Zoo&co’s designs on Zazzle’s shoes

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