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Zoo&co and Homo Ecologicus work together for the planet

November 2014

Homo Ecologicus

We have started, some months ago, a very interesting collaboration with the blog Homo Ecologicus (in French), created and animated by Nathalie Guiffault, who has adopted a way of life based on sustainable solutions. She constantly gets informed about everything concerning the durability of our planet and see how to act responsibly.

For her, every little detail counts. Her first objective is to achieve the maximum reduction of waste. And, in a blink of an eye, as a natural consequence of her work, she had the wish of sharing her knowledge and tricks through her blog Homo Ecologicus.

Her blog’s articles propose the adoption of "ecolonomic" actions to be practiced without any moderation and more general information to be taken in account in our daily life.

Zoo&co en Homo Ecologicus

As a way to develop our talent for illustrating "complex subjects" concerning ecology and planet sustainability, we proposed to Homo Ecologicus to work together by illustrating its different articles.

At the beginning, Nathalie selected some of our already published illustrations and used them in her articles to help readers adopt a concept or just to give a touch of humor.

In future articles, we will be proposing totally new illustrations specifically made for Homo Ecologicus. These illustrations will be put in place after a careful discussion about all the details implied in every subject.

Of course, all of this is about mutual promotion and working together too. The idea is to help spread the message and help alleviate the pressure on our natural resources.

Welcome to the way to a new era!

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