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Zoo&co’s New Website is here!

November 2012

Zoo&co launches its new websiteWith great satisfaction we can communicate and make available to our fans our new website with more features and greater ease and speed of use.

We have completely changed our content management system which gives us greater ease and reactivity for the publication of new designs and information. Publication in our old site had become very complicated and time consuming, so we had concentrated on publishing products in our external stores.

What changes for Zoo&co’s clients

You’ll find a simplified interface, lighter, minimalist, where you can very easily find your favorite designs and order them in a wide range of products with full confidence.

Our site is presented as an information center from which we produce all information about our designs and products available directly in Zoo&co or in our external shops.

Create your Own Product - Designer

T-Shirt Designer For some time now, we were dazzled by the new Spreadshirt’s Designer where you can easily customize any of the products in its wide range. Well, we have definitely implemented it on our site, its interface is friendly, modern and very easy to understand and use, just go to Create your own product to try the Designer and order your favorite designs and products.

Presentation and direct links to products in other stores

Designs Presentation In the presentation page of each of our designs you will find links to other designs within the same category (Animal Kingdom, Animals, Common Sense), a list of links that take you to the same design but presented in products of our Stores Zazzle, Redbubble, Society6, etc.

If you go to the presentation of the Zoo&co’s Shops, you will see a short review explaining our work with each of these companies and a list of their products with our designs.

This way you have the overview of all available combinations between Zoo&co’s designs and products. If you do not find the combination of product and design you want, just contact us by going to our Contact page, we will give you some alternatives or will publish the product you want with your favorite design in the shortest time possible.

Browsing through Keywords

Now, in each section and article published on our site, you will find a list of Keywords related to the current design or subject. Feel free to click on them, you will find for example, all designs concerning Cows, all designs created especially for Christmas or all the stores that produce for us a certain type of product as Water Bottles.

We are in a process to redefine in the most adequate way the groups of keywords and the words contained in each group, so will be making some changes to adjust all concerns about keywords.

Presentation of designs and collections according to the occasion

Based on cross-navigation through the keywords you can easily see our different collections and designs created for special occasions like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day or Easter.

Information and news about different domains related to our activities

Our new publishing system allows us to easily and regularly publish news of Zoo&co, current issues related to the design, illustration, t-shirts, new products, and all issues related to the fields of action in which we are active.

Designs Forum

At the end of each page of each design, you will find a link that lets you easily leave a comment about the design, we immediately receive a message stating that you have sent us this comment and we’ll validate it for publication in the Home Page and the corresponding page design.

You can also reply to the comments of others or use it to request the publication of this design in a product which does not yet exist.

Enhanced Search

The search has been configured to be made ​​in each of the languages ​​of the site and to produce much more relevant results. The results are shown in different groups as designs, downloads, articles, sections, keywords and forums, thus no information or design can escape from your desire to know everything about our site and our designs.

You can also use the link Help for an Advanced search.

RSS Subscription

You can at all times subscribe to our RSS, whether to the general one, whether to the section specific versions. This way, you can stay informed about the latest news or share and publish our content. You can always find the correspondent links (RSS) at the bottom menus of every page.

Follow and share our information on social networks

Follow us on Social Networks Share this information on social networks We have expanded our participation in different social networks as part of the strategy to reach more people. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest.

You can also find to the right of each page of the site, a series of buttons that you can use to share your favorite designs and content on the network of your choice. Thanks for spreading the word and sharing our work.

Some Technical Aspects

SEO Optimization for each Site Language​​

Now, the URL Address for each page and language is perfectly localized, which makes them easier to rank and be found through the Internet.

Our page in English http://www.zoo-co.com/all-designs/animal-kingdom/ has a version in French http://www.zoo -co.com/tous-les-motifs/regne-animal/, a version in Spanish http://www.zoo-co.com/todos-los-dibujos/reino-animal/ and likewise for each page of the site.

Removing duplicate content

With our new way of switching between Europe Shop and USA shop, we are not making you go to another page, we are simply including a different shop in the same page. On the old site we created different pages (en and en-us) with the same content in English and for the sole purpose of changing store. This practice led us to create duplicate content, which was not very well seen by Google and search engines, plus it goes against best web practices.

Our doors are always wide open

Because you can order your products online, from our site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the full year.

But also because our doors are always open to your comments, suggestions and ideas, we’re all ears. The opinions of our visitors and supporters are crucial for the development of our designs and the development of our site, thank you for your support and for helping us to get better every day.

We sincerely hope that you will like this new site, enjoying looking for designs and alternatives, leaving your comments and customizing your own products from a wide variety of options and designs.

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