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Hey !!! As you know, we are just devoted to drawing, so we have asked a company called Spreadshirt to give us a hand with the printing and shipping of our designs, as well as the support for our clients.

They are the ones who handle your orders, so if you have any questions concerning your purchase (inquiries, claims, returns, etc...) please contact Spreadshirt directly :

  • For orders made through our Europe Shop, please write an email to
  • For orders made through our US Shop, please write an email to

If you are not sure what shop was your order placed at, take a look at your invoice or email box !

Spreadshirt will be glad to help you, feel free to contact them.

If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions about Zoo&co’s designs or if you have any special drawings that you would like us to create for you, please fill in the following form and let us know your thoughts ! We’ll try to answer to all questions, even if it takes us ages !

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