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Frecuently Asked Questions

Here, you will probably find the answers to whatever you want to know about Zoo&co and even, if you are lucky enough, to transcendental questions concerning the universe, life itself and to your mission in this tiny, fragile and wonderful world.

These FAQ concerns our Spreadshirt’s Shops, the shops that you see directly in this website: Europe Shop and US Shop.

What can I find at Zoo&co?

You can find whatever you need: T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, long sleeves shirts, underwear, pants, baby cloths, kid’s shirts, aprons, mugs, buttons, shoes, dog’s t-shirts, mouse pads, etc. Soon, we’ll enlarge our offer with other products such as Art Toys and Paper Toys.

We keep a permanent process of searching of new suitable products to interact with our creations.

I want to see all your designs. Where can I find them?

Just click on ALL DESIGNS to take a look at our whole collection. Visit the different categories, click your favorite design, choose a product, change the design, add a text, upload an image, modify some options, select your size, add the product to the basket and you are done!

Don’t hesitate to try all the different options to customize your product!

How can I customize my own products?

It’s in fact is really easy. All you have to do is going to Create your Own Product or clicking any design after going to ALL DESIGNS.

Wait until the Designer has fully charged. Then in the upper left side you will find four buttons: Choose Product, Choose Design, Add Custom Text and Upload Photo. A world of options opens to you!

To know more, please visit our Personalize your Products page.

Where do you ship to, what are the shipping costs and how can I reduce them?

Our products are shipped almost everywhere. Costs vary according to the quantity, the shipping destination and the shipping method you choose. Nevertheless, shipping costs can be considerably reduced when ordering from the right shop, depending on where you want your order to be shipped to, not the country you live in.

More about shipping.

Does Zoo&co have online shops in the USA and Europe?

Yes, we have our Spreadshirt Europe Shop and our Spreadshirt US Shop. Both of them have exactly the same designs, but can have some differences in colors and products depending on stocks and methods of production.

Go to Create your Own Product and select your preferred shop by clicking the corresponding tab (Europe or USA).

How can I follow the status of my order after it has been sent out for delivery?

  • To check the status of your order, simply contact Spreadshirt service[at]spreadshirt.net or service[at]spreadshirt.com depending on the shop you order from.
  • The second option is to go directly to the Create your Own Product page and click My orders link on bottom menu (This option appears once you have logged in).

Can I exchange or return items I have ordered?

Every ordered product is created just for you. Because they are custom made, returned goods cannot be resold and end up in the charity box, BUT :

  • If Spreadshirt makes a mistake, they will send you a replacement or refund your money.
  • If you make a mistake with your order, contact Spreadshirt service[at]spreadshirt.net or service[at]spreadshirt.com and they will see what they can reasonably do to help you get the shirt you want. Remember to include your order number and give a detailed explanation of the problem.

What about materials, quality and apparel certification?

We have chosen Spreadshirt as our partner because of its high quality, fair trade and environmentally friendly products. Actually, Spreadshirt has apparel certifications which documents criteria like the cultivation and production of cotton as well as the production conditions in which the goods are manufactured (e.g. the absence of lead in children’s items and other matters related to lead or PVC content).

What about printing methods?

See our printing page.

What discounts are available?

Speadshirt has a discount system which is dependent on the volume of the order.

To know more, see our discounts page.

What payment methods are available?

Methods of payment available are based on the country from which the order was received and the total order amount. Here is an overview of payment methods:

Credit card: Your credit card will automatically be charged by our financial service provider Bibit. After necessary verifications have been completed your order will then be processed.

Pre-payment: You will receive account information that is necessary to transfer your payment to our account. Give this information to your bank (online debit or directly at your bank.) Don’t forget to state your order number as the reason for payment. This will ensure that your order is properly processed. Pre-paid orders will be processed after the payment has been received. This can depend on bank processing times and could possibly extend the delivery time by 2-4 working days.

What about online security?

Our partner Spreadshirt sends all your personal data via a secure SSL-channel (Secure Socket Layer) to ensure its safe transfer. We have embedded Spreadshirt’s Order and Shopping page in our website to guarantee the security of your payment.

See our safety and privacy page.

Where can I find more information?

If you couldn’t find an answer to your questions in our FAQ section, this dedicated Spreadshirt page. will help you.

You can use our contact form too.

Does Zoo&co have other online shops different from Spreadshirt?

Yes, even if we work directly with our main partner Spreadshirt through this website, we have our designs published in many other websites of well recognized companies and printed on a wide variety of great products. The goal is to provide our fans and customers with a wide variety of excellent products and possibilities.

Have a look at all our Shops.

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