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Personalize your products

Just click on Create your Own Product section or click any Design by going to the Home page or to the ALL DESIGNS page. It’s really very easy, no mysteries, thanks to the Designer and its friendly interface.

Wait until the T-Shirt Designer is fully charged. Then look at upper left side and you will find four main buttons: Choose Product, Choose Design, Add Custom Text and Upload Photo.

Choose Product

Click on Choose Product to select whether a Tee, whether the product you are looking for (1). When hovering the products icons you can get more information such us name, available colors, description and price. Use categories to find products more easily.
Choose Product

Choose Design

Once you have found the product you want, click on Choose Design and choose your favorite one (2). You can also browse categories or perform a search.

Unfortunately, by technical reasons and trying to keep the best quality standards, not any design can be printed on any product. If a mismatch happens you will be clearly informed and different options will be proposed to you.

Concerning T-Shirts and Clothing, it depends on the match between the material and the printing method (Plot or Digital printing) and in general on the minimum sizes of the designs with respect to the printing surface for each product. In some cases, the presence of zippers, pockets or seams restricts printing possibilities.

The Spreadshirt’s technical team is constantly working to expand the possibilities of printing. Choose carefully, you will always find a suitable alternative to what you want.

Choose Design

Choose the T-Shirt color and edit the size and the colors of the design

Obviously, in this case the colors do not match! Start by changing the color of the T-Shirt by clicking on the button in bottom right side of the Designer (3), here you can also change the view of the product. Now, click on the design you put on the T-Shirt, adjust the size by dragging the arrows diagonally (4). You can also move, rotate or delete the design using the other buttons.

Change the design colors by using the color buttons located in the upper right of the Designer (5).

  • You can change every color in Flock/Flex Designs (Plot printing).
  • Colors in Digital Printing can not be changed.
  • Remember that you can convert Plot printing Designs into Digital Printing Designs and keep the capacity of changing colors. But the opposite, changing from Digital printing to Plot printing is not possible due to specific characteristics of the designs.

Visit our Printing page for more information.

Choose Tee color, modify size and colors of the Design

Add Custom Text

Click on Add Custom Text and add the message you want. You can modify colors, size, fonts and alignment by clicking the options in the right side (6). You can also modify the size, rotate or drag the text by using the options that appear when you click the text on the T-Shirt.

Add Custom Text

Upload Photo

You can upload and use your own Images clicking on the Upload photo option, the maximum allowed size is 3000 px wide by 3000 px high with a resolution of 300 dpi. Upload your own images or make sure you have the right to use others images!

Select the T-Shirt size and Add to basket

You are almost done, just select the size of your Tee and click the button add to basket (7)!

Below the Designer, you will find more information concerning the chosen product. The Sizes tab will help you to choose the most convenient size for you:

  • Product photos,
  • Sizes,
  • Description,
  • Print Technique.

Select Tee size and Add to basket

Congratulations, you have just personalized your own product!

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