Plot Printing: Flex and Flock

Plot printing is an extremely durable and fade-resistant t-shirt print. A vector graphic serves as the master copy, which can have up to three colours. We offer a wide range of colours which are defined by the colour of the print foil. There are two types of plot prints: flex and flock.

Flex: Flex is a smooth, thin, somewhat rubbery layer on the fabric. We have a wide range of colours to choose from.
The unique flex colours include: metallic silver, metallic gold, silver reflective and glow in the dark.

Specialty Flex: This special kind of flex foil glitters and sparkles in the light with small, reflective metal particles mixed into the colour. There are many different colours in two styles: glitter with smaller glittery particles and sparkle with rougher, larger particles.

Flock: Flock is a fleecy, soft layer on the fabric. It has a velvety feel, like a thin layer of plush fabric. Flock also has a slightly different colour palette than flex.

Digital Printing: Digital Direct and Digital Transfer

If your design has more than three colours or colour gradients (i.e. a photograph), we recommend using digital printing.

Please note: digital printing is not as long-lasting as plot printing. Pixel graphics serve as the master copy. Here are the two digital printing methods.

Digital Direct: Your design is printed directly onto the fabric. Every colour is rendered, even white. Dark shirts can also be printed with Digital Direct, as they are first primed with a layer of white before printing.

Digital Transfer: Here your design is printed onto a foil, which is then pressed under high temperature onto the shirt. With Digital Transfer, the colours start softening after a few washes and the design fades. White or bright shirts can only be printed on with this printing method.

Printing Techniques

Flex, Flock, Digital...? What is the best printing technique for your design? Below is an overview of our techniques.

Flex Flock Special Flex Digital Printing
Characteristics slightly shiny, smooth surface.
extremely durable.
Up to 3 colours per design.
velvety feel, like a thin layer of plush.
extremely durable.
Up to 3 colours per design.
smooth, glittery surface.
extremely durable.
1 colour per design.
smooth surface.
colour intensity fades over time.
recommended for designs with many colours and gradients (e.g. photos).
Vibrancy: How vibrant do the colours appear?
Colour resilience: How long does the print last?
Variety of colours: How many colours are available for this technique?
Available apparel: How many products are available for this technique?

Of course, this is just a comparative table! The quality concerning these and other aspects of printing is being continuously improved!

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Digital Direct Flex and Flock T-Shirts
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