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Clipartof.com is a library of images (Royalty Free) online, offering specific uses for them free of royalty payments after purchase. The chosen image version can be downloaded immediately after the payment made​​.

In this platform, we have since 2009, with a variety of our drawings, individually or as collections, ready to illustrate in different sizes and formats the personal, editorial or commercial customers as a single user license Commercial Free Stock or publishers.

The image sold through this site can be purchased by different customers without any exclusivity. The property is always in the hands of the original artist. You pay the right, the license to use the image, not the ownership of the image.

Once purchased the license can be used permanently, worldwide and for multiple purposes without paying additional costs. Licenses are not transferable, the right belongs only to the purchaser.

The images under this marketing system, can not be sold or printed on products to be sold in sites like Spreadshirt, Cafepress, Zazzle, Redbubble, etc..

Clipartof.com purchased images and similar sites can not be distributed through templates. They can not be sold or distributed free through print or digital media, in other words, a person or company with a license can not direct economic benefits from the sale of the image or products that make use of it.

Clipartof.com was established in 2007 and is owned by Jamie Voetsch and Kenny Adams under Image Envision LLC. and works based in southern Oregon.

Clipartof.com site is the first sale of rights to images with which we started working in 2009.


  • Very easy to use and purchase.
  • Quick custom customer support.
  • Immediate download after purchase.
  • Effective Search of required images.


  • For the type of business, there are some difficulties in understanding some of the conditions.
  • Trouble with some types of searching.
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