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Zoo&co is a Drawing Lounge, a place where alternative ideas convey as original illustrations and tasty drawings, and are published and printed on a variety of awesome products.

We will always try to pass on a message and light your day up with humor, joy and well being. Zoo&co is the place with optimistic ideas for optimistic people!

Drawings, cartoons and characters are printed and applied on products as T-shirts, shirts, sweat shirts, jackets, hoodies, boxer shorts, tops, nighties, sweatpants, strings, bags, mugs, caps, aprons, stamps, skateboards, iPad and iPhone Cases and Skins, Keds Shoes, Graphic Walls, iPad and Laptop Skins, and much more!

Here, you can find the perfect design on the perfect product for all Occasions: Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter! Don’t miss our environmental designs full of Common Sense to celebrate Earth’s Day!

  • Learn to Trap a Foot Ball with your Chest

    Learn to Trap a Foot Ball with your Chest

    The world woke up with a surprising and disturbing feeling. The football is missing more than ever the “jogo bonito”, the richness, the boldness, the magic and the passion of the old talented football players, who did not hesitate to (...)
  • Leprechaun Dancing and Singing

    Leprechaun Dancing and Singing

    Proud and happy Irish leprechaun singing and dancing in an animated way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day!
  • Olympic Basketball

    Olympic Basketball

    Minimalist pictogram featuring a talented basketball player holding the ball with a single hand, jumping high and going to the victory through an amazing slam dunk!
  • Whales are Furious, Stop Whaling!

    Whales are Furious, Stop Whaling!

    Whales are fed up of being brutally persecuted and tortured by a horde of unconscious and cruel whalers. We’ve always been expecting that something extraordinary could arrive to change this awful practice, but we never imagined that a (...)
  • Three Wise Football Monkeys

    Three Wise Football Monkeys

    As the Football World Cup in South Africa approaches, the legendary three wise monkeys have decided to do the contrary to what they always do: to hear, to see and to speak as much as they can about this amazing (...)
  • Saint Patrick’s Day Iguana

    Saint Patrick’s Day Iguana

    Some green animals and creatures decided to join Saint Patrick’s Day party and celebrate big drinking tons of beer and having a lot of fun! Iguanas are willing to participate at the big parade and show us they aren’t as shy as we (...)
  • Saint Patrick’s Leprechaun Drinking Beer

    Saint Patrick’s Leprechaun Drinking Beer

    As you know, leprechauns are the true stars of Saint Patrick’s Day, they are in charge of showing the way: how to wear green clothes, to dance until you drop and mainly to drink beer until you are happily green. Enjoy this party as a (...)
  • Bunny Stealing an Egg from a Furious Hen

    Bunny Stealing an Egg from a Furious Hen

    One of the most fun aspects of Easter for this naughty bunny is stealing eggs and running away for his life! Of course, hens normally don’t agree on giving her eggs and get very angry when bunnies take them without (...)
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  • Zoo&co's Designs on Society6 Wall Clocks Zoo&co’s Designs on Society6 Wall Clocks

    January 2014 We’re very excited to announce the launch of Wall Clocks on Society6! And of course, you are just one click away from discovering our Zoo&co’s designs applied on these wonderful Wall Clocks! Most of our designs have been (...)

  • Halloween Designs 2013 Halloween Designs 2013

    October 2013 We are, as always, creating new characters and illustrations by squeezing our minds and demanding the most from our hands when it comes to drawing, and especially if it comes to special occasions like Halloween and, of course (...)

  • Society6 Launches Ipad and Ipad mini Cases Society6 Launches Ipad and Ipad mini Cases

    April 2013 After a great success with iPhone Cases and iPhone, iPod, Laptop and iPad Skins, Society6 announces iPad and Ipad mini cases to expand its remarkable collection of stunning products! Why to buy Sociey6 iPad and Ipad mini Cases? S6 (...)

  • Zoo&co's New Website is here! Zoo&co’s New Website is here!

    November 2012 With great satisfaction we can communicate and make available to our fans our new website with more features and greater ease and speed of use. We have completely changed our content management system which gives us greater ease and (...)

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