Zoo&co - The Drawing Lounge Zoo&co, The Drawing Lounge

Zoo&co, The Drawing Lounge, is a place where alternative ideas convey as original illustrations and tasty drawings, and are published and printed on a variety of awesome products.

We will always try to pass on a message and light your day up with humor, joy and well being. Zoo&co is the place with optimistic ideas for optimistic people!

Drawings, cartoons and characters are printed and applied on products as T-shirts, shirts, sweat shirts, jackets, hoodies, boxer shorts, tops, nighties, sweatpants, strings, bags, mugs, caps, aprons, stamps, skateboards, iPad and iPhone Cases and Skins, Keds Shoes, Graphic Walls, iPad and Laptop Skins, and much more!

Here, you can find the perfect design on the perfect product for all Occasions: Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter! Don’t miss our environmental designs full of Common Sense to celebrate Earth’s Day!

  • How a Bulldog Becomes a Football Top Scorer

    How a Bulldog Becomes a Football Top Scorer

    The key to effectively kick a foot ball seems to be more in a series of tips than in your strength or ability to do it. Of course you have to practice, to technically know how to do it, but you certainly will make a difference if you (...)
  • Merry Christmas Santa’s Elf

    Merry Christmas Santa’s Elf

    Christmas is the perfect time to believe in magic and Santa’s elves have prepared a special present for you and your beloved ones. Fantasy is the keyword, offer this Christmas design and give a reason to believe in (...)
  • Saint Patrick’s Day Chameleon

    Saint Patrick’s Day Chameleon

    Chameleons are not simply green, they can even adapt their colors to any kind of carnival combination: perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day Parade! In addition, they really love green beer, which gives them great chances to be the stars of (...)
  • Sexy Cockroach

    Sexy Cockroach

    Who dare to say cockroaches are ugly, disgusting, repulsive and completely repugnant? What you didn’t know was that they can be really chic, sexy, beautiful and even to have a glamorous look. Just have a look at this charming cockroach. (...)
  • Mad Man Kicking a Heart

    Mad Man Kicking a Heart

    A mad man, in a very disturbing mode, decided that he has enough of his romantic relationship, and decides to end it all by furiously kicking a red heart while clenching his teeth and fists to show how disappointed and angry he (...)
  • Unlucky Turtle

    Unlucky Turtle

    Stop complaining! Definitely, there’s always somebody having much more trouble than you!
  • Skating Penguins

    Skating Penguins

    What a romantic and charming little penguin! A bit clumsy, but full of good feelings!
  • A World Full of Smiling Fishes

    A World Full of Smiling Fishes

    What if fishes could swim everywhere, delighting us with their smiles and their vivid colors? What if we could finally take care of a healthy sea and its creatures according to the best practices of respect for the environment? (...)
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  • Zoo&co's Designs on Society6 Wall Clocks Zoo&co’s Designs on Society6 Wall Clocks

    January 2014 We’re very excited to announce the launch of Wall Clocks on Society6! And of course, you are just one click away from discovering our Zoo&co’s designs applied on these wonderful Wall Clocks! Most of our designs have been (...)

  • Halloween Designs 2013 Halloween Designs 2013

    October 2013 We are, as always, creating new characters and illustrations by squeezing our minds and demanding the most from our hands when it comes to drawing, and especially if it comes to special occasions like Halloween and, of course (...)

  • Society6 Launches Ipad and Ipad mini Cases Society6 Launches Ipad and Ipad mini Cases

    April 2013 After a great success with iPhone Cases and iPhone, iPod, Laptop and iPad Skins, Society6 announces iPad and Ipad mini cases to expand its remarkable collection of stunning products! Why to buy Sociey6 iPad and Ipad mini Cases? S6 (...)

  • Zoo&co's New Website is here! Zoo&co’s New Website is here!

    November 2012 With great satisfaction we can communicate and make available to our fans our new website with more features and greater ease and speed of use. We have completely changed our content management system which gives us greater ease and (...)

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    Spreadshirt was founded in 2001, in Leipzig (Germany) by Lukasz Gadowski and Matthias Spieß. Spreadshirt is one of the biggest and most important companies (...)

  • Custom T-Shirts and Personalized Gifts Zazzle Inc.

    Zazzle is one of the leading platforms in the world market with respect to the quality of product customization. Zazzle is known for its wide variety of (...)

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    Redbubble is one of the outstanding examples in the world of “printing on demand” with a strong emphasis on artistic quality and on community aspect of the (...)

  • Royalty Free Stock Illustrations Clipart Of LLC

    Clipartof.com is a library of images (Royalty Free) online, offering specific uses for them free of royalty payments after purchase. The chosen image (...)

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